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Workers Compensation Group program application MFDA

Enrollment Application

The Montana State Fund (MSF) and the Montana Food Distributors Association (MFDA) have entered into an agreement to

provide a group program to qualifying MFDA members. To participate in the program, a group member must complete and

sign this Application.

General Provisions

Acceptance into the group program is subject to approval based on the eligibility criteria for the program. The criteria define

the classes of business that qualify and eligible loss ratio and/or experience modification factors. The effective date of the

policy must be within the contract year. This enrollment application must be received within 90 days of the effective date of

the policy to be considered for participation in the group program.

Participating members shall:

1. Maintain an individual workers’ compensation policy with MSF and be subject to the terms of the policy.

2. Report all accidents immediately to MSF at 1-800-332-6102.

3. Adhere to and comply with the minimum safety requirements of the Montana Safety Culture Act and actively participate in

the loss control program conducted by MFDA. Participation in the loss control program may include but is not limited to

attendance at a safety-related seminar, on site safety audit or response to a correspondence type program including but

not limited to program-specific materials or publications.

4. Maintain MFDA membership in good standing.

5. Agree to a policy date from April 1st to April 1st to be concurrent with the group plan policy year.

MFDA shall:

1. Assist Montana State Fund in implementation of the plan.

MSF shall:

1. Retain exclusive responsibility for underwriting, individual policy issuance and cancellation, claims management and


2. Develop and implement loss control program.


By signing this form, I authorize MSF to release to MFDA (for internal use only) premium and loss data on my workers’

compensation policy, information which reflects the timeliness of reporting any work related injuries and the status of my

adherence to the terms of the group contract.


1. MSF may terminate a member’s participation in this program if the insured does not maintain MFDA membership in good

standing, no longer meets the eligibility criteria for participation in the group program or is in default of an obligation to

MSF. MSF may terminate a member’s participation by serving notice in writing. Termination is effective the date specified

in the notice. If no date is specified in the notice, the date of the written notice is the termination date.

2. Members may terminate their participation by serving notice in writing to MSF. Termination is effective the date of the

written notice.

Effective Date

If the enrollment application is received by MSF within 90 days of the effective date of the policy within the contract year and

the policy qualifies, participation shall commence on the effective date of the policy.

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Other MFDA services

Other MFDA services include state and federal legislative representation, member communications, statewide public relations, our new website and much more.

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Scholarship Program

MFDA Scholarship Program helps students affiliated with MFDA members to attend college or vocational schools. This year, the scholarship program awarded four scholarships totaling $2500 to college-bound students.

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Coupon Redemption Service

MFDA Coupon Redemption Service is one of the finest in the country, having served retail grocers in Montana since 1971. Are you still sorting your coupons?

MFDA is the only coupon redemption service which pays a handling fee to compensate you for your efforts in collecting and redeeming coupons.  There are no minimum and maximum requirements on coupon shipments for our members. This valuable service allows you to compete with big box stores utilizing their own discount membership cards

The MFDA Program has an average return of 99% of face value

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Group Property Casualty Insurance Program

MFDA Group Property Casualty Insurance Program providing benefits of group purchasing, rate stability, loss control, and OSHA assistance. The program is designed with future dividend potential, when critical mass is obtained.