General Information

  • Mandlik & Rhodes Information Systems, Inc. (MRIS),, has been serving the coupon industry since 1995. MRIS is an authorized clearinghouse. Utilizing their state-of-the-art systems, they provide full service coupon processing for manufacturers and retailers. Since 1995, they have processed billions of coupons for retailers and manufacturers. MRIS has contracted with TK Services for coupon processing and RPR for customer service, sales, and consulting.

  • TK Manufacturers, Inc. (TK) has been processing coupons since the late ’80’s. Their modern processing facility is located in Tecate, California and Tecate, Mexico. They have processed billions of coupons for retailers and manufacturers since the late 80’s. They were selected by First Data to provide services for the successful test of Electronic Processing with Basha’s.

  • Redemption Processing Representatives, Inc. (RPR),, has been providing services to manufacturers, retailers, and vendors since 1994. Ron Fischer, manager of coupon operations at Lever Brothers and Unilever companies, founded RPR. Attention to details, prompt follow-ups and heavy involvement in industry associations make RPR a unique customer service provider.

Basic Processing Steps

  1. Retailers ship coupons with Manifest directly to TK, faxing a copy to RPR. Benefits: This streamlines the submission process, expediting reimbursement and creating a clear audit trail.

  2. When TK has processed the coupons, the C*Clear system generates an email shipment confirmation which is sent directly to the retailer. This confirmation statement includes the following information: a unique Shipment Number, the received date of the shipment, the total weight of the shipment, claimed quantity and face value, valid quantity and face value, and returned quantity and face value. This may include voids, store coupons, and coupons not appearing to have been consumer handled. The statement also shows any variance between the claimed and valid amounts. Benefits: Retailers can use the Shipment # to book their receivables. Retailers get confirmation that shipment reached the plant.

  3. TK creates invoices to Mfr. and/or Agent and ships coupons within 5 business days from receipt of the shipment. TK encloses packing list and detail documentation along with every shipment to the manufacturers and their agents. RPR tracks and collects invoices that are not paid in a timely manner. Benefits: Manufacturer’s agents can easily verify the contents of the shipment and immediately start processing for payment.

  4. MRIS pays retailers weekly. Included with the check is a Coupon Payment Report which identifies all open shipments by their Shipment #; showing number of coupons billed to mfr, beginning balance, current paid, adjustments and ending balance. Any adjustments are itemized by the industry reason codes and by manufacturer. Benefits: Again, this creates a clear audit trail. It eliminates the shell game of paying, charging back what’s not paid, and repaying any chargebacks. Access to the C*Clear system is provided at no additional charge. On-line access via Web shows detail for each retailer shipment with paid and outstanding amounts, adjustments, etc.

  5. Adjustments are denials identified by the Mfr. and/or Agent. All adjustments are identified with the recommended industry codes. Benefits: MRIS does not charge retailers for any postage that is not paid nor do they assess extra fees since most manufacturers don’t pay these fees.

  6. RPR will challenge any adjustments that do not appear to be reasonable. As a general rule, we always contact the Mfr. and their Agent. RPR’s background in the coupon industry and with the Association of Coupon Professionals has promoted a good database for contacts. Benefits: The entire process minimizes the involvement of the retailer and/or their association.

Processing Options

MRIS’s process can be customized to meet the needs of our clients. We can send payment to the retailer, chain headquarters or to the association. Full reporting and reconciliation is provided with each payment.