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Group Health Plan

MFDA Group Health Plan offers new and expanded Health Maintenance Organization Coverage or traditional benefits at group rates with stability of stop loss structure and retro retention of excess premium. A Self-Funded option is available for members with 50 or more employee’s providing reporting and compliance under the new rules and law. Increases have averaged in the single digits for the past ten years even though medical costs have increased at double-digit rates.

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Open enrollment is available durring the month of December

Employer Enrollment

Employee Enrollment

Group Property Casualty Insurance Program

MFDA Group Property Casualty Insurance Program providing benefits of group purchasing, rate stability, loss control, and OSHA assistance. The program is designed with future dividend potential, when critical mass is obtained.

Coupon Redemption Service

MFDA Coupon Redemption Service is one of the finest in the country, having served retail grocers in Montana since 1971. Are you still sorting your coupons?

MFDA is the only coupon redemption service which pays a handling fee to compensate you for your efforts in collecting and redeeming coupons.  There are no minimum and maximum requirements on coupon shipments for our members. This valuable service allows you to compete with big box stores utilizing their own discount membership cards

The MFDA Program has an average return of 99% of face value

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Important links:

Coupon Redemption Instructions

JICC Reason Codes

MRIS Retailer Coupon Processing

MRIS and Industry Guidelines and Recommendations for Coupon Shipping

Understanding the Coupon Payment Statement

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Scholarship Program

MFDA Scholarship Program helps students affiliated with MFDA members to attend college or vocational schools. This year, the scholarship program awarded four scholarships totaling $2500 to college-bound students.

Scholarship Important Links

Scholarship application

Application Guidelines

Student Information Form

Financial Information Form

Other MFDA services

Other MFDA services include state and federal legislative representation, member communications, statewide public relations, our new website and much more.

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